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The person behind the camera that will be capturing your life long memories will be my very self 'John' (that is me in the image below posing with the Worlds No.1 Album Company GraphiStudio in Italy) You can read all about my visit to Italy and GraphiStudio here.

John Price In Italy


Although my wife would argue that the photography always comes first. I do have 3 loves in my life, my Wife, my Children and Bruce our Labrador. Following the birth of our 2 children 'Chelsea & Armani' I had to restore some balance into the house hold. Along came Bruce at 10 weeks old who then completed out ABC Armani, Bruce & Chelsea

From left - right, Daughters (Chelsea & Armani), Wife (Emma), Barking Mad (Bruce) & Myself.

Oh, and I love coffee and enjoy putting my feet up in the evening with a nice single malt whisky (not that I ever have time to put my feet up). Jam doughnuts... Oh Wow.. dangle one of these in front of me and I am anyone's, In fact you could probably get me to perform tricks or watch me crawl on my knees and beg like a dog. (OK, too much information, please don't)


I cover the whole of the UK and all overseas locations. In the past couple of years alone, I have enjoyed documenting weddings in Cyprus, Spain, Alicante, Greece, Italy and Crete I do plan to launch a map of all the place's my work has and has not taken me to. This would then form a bucket list of locations I would love to yet still visit.

Awards & Recognition

My wedding photography has won many awards and accolades and have appeared in magazines such as Hello and lifestyle along with other media. I am proud to have received recommended wedding photographer and choice awards as well as winning awards for producing stunning images.

I have had and enjoyed so many proud moments but the single biggest pleasure for me was in June 2012 when the royal family came to visit Nottingham as part of the queens diamond jubilee celebrations. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton came out on to the council house balcony to huge crowds waiting below. The press and scores of media was everywhere, you had press association photographers who even brought there own step ladders.

The crowds screamed with cheers as duke and duchess waved. Just then, It was almost as if the duchess had picked me out, she and the Duke looked directly at me and smiled so I could get that perfect shot. Out of all the press and associates there that day, My image was used all over the word.


The style of photography I thrive on is portraiture, fashion and photojournalism, especially wedding photography where I can put all of these styles into practice. I personally can’t get any more pleasure than to capture and document, the memories, love, look and the happiness, all the important moments on the biggest day in another person’s life from the first kiss as a married couple and capturing the day and events as it unfolds.


I approach wedding photography in a way that leads to an intimate and artful expression resulting in images that reflect your unique personality, capturing the natural mood of the day that will be cherished in your family for years to come. I stay away from them pretend forced posing style photos that you often see. I help create the moment and with a story in your minds, I simply choose the backdrop and await that magic moment to happen. It could be that first look as man and wife, or that fiddling of the rings as you hold hands and look at other giggling.


It is also important to note that I make no distinction between a Church or Civil Ceremony, Registry Office or Civil Partnerships. I welcome all genders, faiths, sex and religions, Every wedding commands the very best and my full attention. Being from Nottingham I am easily able to cover all surrounding areas in the midlands, Derby, Leicester, Lincolnshire, Peterborough, Birmingham, Stoke etc.. I also cover all other UK and overseas locations.

I hope I get the pleasure of meeting you and capturing your dream memories.


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