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Kelham House Wedding Photos

By Kellham House Newark wedding photographer John Price

Congratulations to Luke and Mandy who married today (23rd December 2017) Always one of my favourite times of the year, Weddings always look and feel that extra special, it must be the feeling of Christmas. 

As you can imagine the theme was Christmas and Kelham House was decked in all the trimmings. Tight from the word go as guests started to arrive I was able to capture the Christmas lights blending into the images of the guests.  

I wanted to photograph the rings and make the image feel more Christmas. Patience was needed as I balanced the wedding rings on a bauble shooting between the lights. The image came out great.

The sun is always low in the sky during December and so it allows us photographers to take advantage of the flattering warm light that is cast to produce some beautiful images of the bride and groom. 

Later in the evening I had a vision of photographing Luke and Mandy in the porch of Kelham House, There is nothing special about this setting so my vision was to leave the door open and place a blue gel light in the reception hall which would light it up all blue and give a nice texture to the background. This was another shot that turned out beautifully. 

Here is a small preview of just a few wedding photos at Kelham House for the wedding of Luke and Mandy. Hope you enjoy.