Nottingham Greek Wedding Photographer
Andreas’ & Eleni

20th May 2018

It was a perfect Greek wedding for a perfect couple.

Andreas’ and Eleni got married at the Greek Orthodox Church In Nottingham before hosting a lavish ceremony at the Nottingham Goosedale.

I have been blessed with capturing so many Greek weddings, I feel so at home. I love them.
If you’re not Greek and you ever get invited to a Greek wedding then jump at the opportunity, You will love it.
Word of warning though.. Make sure you have your dancing shoes on. J

A Greek wedding is full of so many traditions both for the bride and the groom.
Thankfully I had help today from a good friend and fellow photographer Martin Cheung who was commissioned to capture the grooms preparations on my behalf while I remained with the bride and her family.

Bride and Grooms will traditionally get ready at home and will have many family and close friends visit to take part in the traditions and wish them happiness.

Traditional music is played while these traditions take place and that is pretty much the theme of a Greek wedding, LOTS of amazing music that you just want to clap too and join in with.

Oh and food… Lots and Lots of food..

The Greek Orthodox Church on Derby Road, Nottingham is beautiful, Stunning chandeliers and beautiful character. I love coming here and know the Priest well.

What better than to have the ceremony at Goosedale.. What views.. and a beautiful marquee large enough to hold such a lavish wedding.

The Greek wedding ceremony is very formal, but the receptions are boisterous.
Today’s receptions lead with the couple dancing to a waltz or perhaps a tango. Then the immediate family joins a line dance called “The Bride’s Dance” or the “Kalamatiano,” which is led by the bride.

Another traditional dance is the “Sirtaki,” where everyone holds hands and dances in a large moving circle. The dance can last quite a while and be repeated several times throughout the evening.

When the Bride and Groom dances, family and friends throw money on them to signify good fortune and prosperity. The guests also take turns leading the bride and the groom in the circle dances

The “Money Dance” also is traditional dance where money is pinned directly to the bride’s gown throughout the evening. At some weddings there is so much money on the floor, that you need a broom to sweep it up. “That is a sight to see!”

My previews normally only consist of 50-60 images, However I wanted to try and show a little of everything so this sneak preview is a little longer than the norm.

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