Brides are flocking for the Poppies

14th June 2018

I new it was time for the poppies to start flowering and so the hunt was on for not just a road side scattering but for a field full of poppies. My vision was to invite brides for photos in there wedding dress and to create some beautiful images of them among the poppies.

One evening I decided to drive around with my daughter to see what we could find, Mission accomplished, We found the most amazing countryside fields just on the outskirts of Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire.

‘Armani’ my daughter happily obliged to be my model for some test shots.

That’s it I had better crack on I thought. Poppies don’t last for long so I knew I may only have a couple of weeks if that to find a bride willing to pose in a poppy field.

The invite was posted on my Facebook page asking for past brides if they would love to try on there wedding dress 1 more time, and immediately I was being in-undated with replies and private messages. Not only was the past brides ecstatic in still being able to fit into there dress, They couldn’t wait to have a photo shoot frolicking in a poppy field. I even had One bride wanting to have one that very same night! Having also posted a photo of my daughter I then even had requests for families and children to be photographed.

Below are just a small handful of images taken so far, I am sure you agree they all look amazing. It is amazing how such a beautiful sight like a field full of poppies get’s everyone talking and wanting to take photo of them. The views can be magical at sunset and sunrise and I urge everyone, the next time you come across such a beautiful sight, to just stand back, stand in silence and just take in the wonders of these beautiful poppies.

Can’t wait for next week where I have more brides booked in including a wedding this weekend where the bride also want to elope to the field for a quick photo shoot.

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