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Tie or Cravat!

Wedding Questions.

If your thinking or wearing a tie or a cravat as apart of your wedding attire then there is no right or wrong. It is purely down to what you feel more smart and or comfortable with.Most prefer a cravat on the wedding day as the tie can look a little more common.

What is important is that whatever you choose matches with your colour scheme or with the bridesmaids dresses. The groom will normally wear a different colour from the rest of the grooms party. If you choose a tie or a cravat, It is also important that the whole grooms party ware the same.

I must admit that I have seen many a men struggle with tying a cravat as opposed to a tie. I am always available to help anyone when at a wedding, Ties no problem. Ask me to help with tying a cravat and I will just point you to YouTube. Yes I admit it, even I can not tie a cravat even though it is very similar to a tie.

Top Tip..

If you or your grooms men are going to struggle on the day to tie your cravat then don’t forget you can buy pre-tied cravats that just fasten around the neck.

How do you tie a Cravat

As you have just read, I can not tie a cravat so I am not going to be able to tell you. What I can do though is share this useful YouTube video which all you men can study and practice.

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