Hi, I am John Price.

I am a professional photographer from Nottingham. As a Nottingham photographer I travel all over the country and overseas on various shoots and destination weddings. Quite recently I moved to Mansfield, Nottinghamshire so you could say I am now a Mansfield wedding photographer.

I have a photography studio within the grounds of Rufford Abbey Country Park. This is perfect for family, newborn baby and toddler photo shoots as it means not only do we have my studio, you have the grounds of Rufford Abbey itself.

With years of experience creating beautiful photos I have won many awards with my wedding photography and accolades along with gracing the covers of many popular magazines.

Hiring a photographer is a lifetime investment, That investment will still be cherished for many many years as you look back on them over time with family and friends, and in years to come when maybe you show your children's children these special photos then you will know you made a good investment by hiring a professional photographer.

wedding award

Another Gold Award

The person behind the camera.

The person behind the camera that will be capturing your life long memories will be my very self ‘John’ .(that is me in the image above posing with the Worlds No.1 Album Company GraphiStudio in Italy.) You can read all about my visit to Italy and GraphiStudio HERE.

Although my wife would argue that the photography always comes first. I do have 3 loves in my life, my Wife, my Children and Bruce our Labrador. Following the birth of our 2 daughters ‘Chelsea & Armani’ I had to restore some male balance into the all female household. Along came Bruce at 10 weeks old who then completed out ABC Armani, Bruce & Chelsea

Graphistudio pose

I only offer the worlds best wedding albums from Graphistudio

Coffee and Doughnuts!

I love coffee and enjoy putting my feet up in the evening with a nice single malt whisky. (not that I ever have time to put my feet up.). Jam doughnuts… Oh Wow.. dangle one of these in front of me and I am anyone’s, In fact you could probably get me to perform tricks or watch me crawl on my knees and beg like a dog. (OK, too much information, please don’t.

Jam and doughnuts

What I live on :)

The Royal family.

I have had enjoyed so many proud moments over the years but the single biggest pleasure for me was in June 2012 when the royal family came to visit Nottingham as part of the queen's diamond jubilee celebrations. Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Kate Middleton came out on to the council house balcony to huge crowds waiting below. The press and scores of media was everywhere, you had press association photographers who even brought their own step ladders.

The crowds screamed with cheers as the duke and duchess waved. Just then, It was almost as if the HRH and duchess had picked me out, they all looked directly at me and smiled along with a wave from the Queen so I could get that perfect shot. Out of all the press and associates there that day, My image was used all over the word.

I am sure William and Kate would have loved for a Nottingham wedding photographer like myself to have captured their wedding, unfortunately I was already booked. 🙂

The royal family in Nottingham

2012 diamond jubilee celebrations



“Just had our photos back from our wedding and oh my goodness they’re amazing!! Cried at the video montage John had put together for us of our photos along to the music of our first dance song... so thoughtful. Had so many compliments on the day and since the wedding about how lovely John was on the day and I can honestly say I’d truly recommend him. I couldn’t have wished for a more helpful and lovely photographer who has captured the essence of our magical day in the most perfect way.”

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