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Newborn baby photography £295 Including all photos

Newborn Baby Photographer

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Newborn Photography With Emma

Your newborn photography will be with Emma, (Mrs Price) owner of Perfect Baby Moments. Emma specializes in newborn baby photography, as well as also offering great fun sessions such as a first birthday cake smash and paint splash sessions. Emma is also a fully qualified paediatric first aider as well as being DBS checked, rest assured your little one is in safe hands. Being a mum of 2, Emma knows first hand that these first few magical weeks of your newborn baby will fade so quickly, not capturing these precious moments is almost a sin in itself.

Every newborn baby photo session includes:

Your bundle of joy will have 2-3hrs+ in the photo studio, All backgrounds, wraps, bonnets, caps and other props and accessories are all included to create the best photos. I will even create beautiful floor displays to create something a little special for your perfect baby. I often go through 3-4 different sets of colours to provide a nice range of images for you. Photos of Mum and Dad are also taken if required. Within 3-4 days you will receive an online private gallery which will contain all images from the photo session. You will then be able to download your beautiful photos and even share them with friends and family. They will be in full file resolution and logo free so you can make your own prints or even large canvases. Basically, do with them as you please, they are ALL yours.

Just 1 simple package £295

No catches, No Gimmicks'

Everything as described above, You will receive all photos as digital downloads, you are then free to do with them as you please. Typically between 40-80 photos, though I have had clients with 80+ before

£50 booking fee, the rest on the day (cash or card)


newborn baby photography

Nottingham Newborn Photographer Nottingham, Mansfield, and Newark.

Your newborn photo session will take place in the studio, based within the beautiful Rufford Abbey Country Park, Nottinghamshire NG22 9DF Your photographer will be my good lady, Mrs Price "Emma", Emma specializes in newborn photography and has her own newborn website/business Perfect Baby Moments. Full use of a range of backgrounds, props, baby wraps, headbands, and other accessories will be used to create memories of a lifetime. Your newborn photo session will be booked for a 2-3 hour slot, the photo session will not be rushed, patience always wins. There will always be plenty of time for feeding and changing. Do not worry if you think this is a long time for your newborn baby, It is important they are fully relaxed and the cutest of images are always when they are sleeping and relaxed. If needed, I always allow extra time should your baby not want to settle.

The photo studio will be warm and ready to welcome you and your newborn baby. Baby changing facilities are also available for you to use, The sofa is yours to relax on and refreshments are on hand. Baby white noise will be played throughout the session to help your baby relax, so you can relax while we work our magic. In fact, the baby white noise will probably send you to sleep also.

All images will be in full file resolution and logo free so you can make your own prints or even large canvases. You can also buy professionally mounted prints from your online gallery store also if you wish.

It is recommended that you schedule your newborn photo session around 5 days from your due date which will be flexible of course. The best photos are when your baby is preferably between 5 - 10 days old. The younger the better, most of the images on this page were when babies are around 7-14 days old. We do of course photograph babies of all ages, however, please do not expect newborn-style images with a 4-month-old baby.

When you book your preferred date and time, You will also be given a reschedule link, just in case, the baby arrives early or late for that matter.


How many images will I receive ?

Every baby is different, some will kick and stay awake all the way through. Some will do nothing but sleep, Typically your gallery will contain at least 30 images, The average is anything between 40-80 images, you will then be able to download your photos. The exception is when baby will not settle but even then your still going to get plenty of images.

How long will the session last?

You will have 2-3hrs booked in the studio, sometimes, we do not need all this time and sometimes this may run slightly over. every baby is different and it is important for your baby to be settled to create the best images, please do not expect this to be a quick rushed session.

Do I need to bring anything?

All you need to bring are nappies and baby feed, We have had babies who have had to be changed up to 5 times! and fed 2-3 times so please bring plenty of nappies and feed. If your breast feeding, please also bring some formula as a backup.
In the studio, we have plenty of backdrops, baby wraps, headbands, and props which we shall use to create the best images.

Will my baby be posed naked?

Your baby will have their nappy on throughout the session, They will then be swaddled and wrapped.
Towards the end of the session, we may achieve a bum in air shot or one of you holding baby naked.
We take special care to make sure no private parts are exposed.
If you rather not have these shots then just say.

How many people can attend?

Please remember this is a newborn baby photo session, not a family photo session. Of course, we expect babies' parents to be present and up to 2 siblings are also welcome.
The studio is small and will have props laid out for easy transitioning of your baby. Too many people in the studio can make it more difficult to concentrate not to mention the studio then becomes too hot and the baby will not settle. The studio needs to be a quiet and calming environment.
If someone is driving you to the studio then they may attend, although photos of them will not be taken.
Family photo sessions can be booked separately.

Is the studio warm?

Yes, the studio is warm and temperature-controlled, perfect for new born babies. For adults, it can feel very warm so you may wish to wear loose clothing.

When will we get the images?

Your images will generally be available within 3-4 days but can take up to 5 days during busy periods. You will receive an email with your private gallery link and password so you can then download your images.

Where will the session take place?

In the photo studio based at Rufford Abbey country park. NG22 9DF
Full direction and details on how to find the studio will be included in your confirmation email.

Can we buy prints?

Yes, your gallery will also include the option to purchase prints directly, you will be able to see all products and prices in your gallery, alternative you can just download them and make your own prints. However, nothing quite compares to professional studio lab printed prints.

Can we bring our dog?

Of course, but only for the last 5 minutes of the session and they must be clean and not malting.

Baby photographer Nottingham, Mansfield Newborn

Covid-19 And The Safety Of Your Baby

their is an emphasis on social distancing and where this is not possible PPE requirements must be adhered to.

Upon your arrival and even before you enter the door you will find hand sanitizer and sealed bags with disposable face-mask and gloves inside. These are provided for you and can be found on a small table outside the studio door. As a minimum you will be asked to sanitize your hands.

I personally, for your own protection will be wearing a face-mask, Gloves and an apron. These extra precautions may change according to any changes advised by the government.

The photo studio is disinfected each morning, before and after every photo session and hand sanitizer is used multiple times through out each baby session. The cleanliness and care of your newborn baby is paramount.

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The Photography Studio

Located in the historic idyllic Rufford Abbey Country Park is my photography studio where I enjoy capturing beautiful images of newborn babies on a daily basis. This is where I also carry out any indoor family portraits and cake smash sessions. When you arrive for your newborn photography session, you can relax on the sofa, make a hot drink or help yourself to cold drinks which are all readily available. The Studio is equipped with Baby changing facilities, stocks of nappies, talcum powder, sudocrem, nappy bags and just about every other essential is all kept in stock for you to use. Baby wraps, headbands and various outfits are also available to choose from.