Messy Paint Splash Fun

Now it is time for the paint splash.

For a 1st birthday treat, It is a tradition to attend a Cake Smash photo shoot, It is a great experience and so much fun.

Being able to just wreck a cake and eat as much as you like making a nice mess. But what about when your little one turns 2 or 3? What great birthday experiences can you then have fun with?

Paint splash smash 2nd birthday

Time for them to become an artist!

How about a fun photo session, complete with Easel and Canvas, safe child-friendly water-based paints at the ready.

Your little one can use their hands, feet, or brushes. anything goes in this fun and messy session.

You will receive all the photos from the session and you also get to take home 2 x canvases of your child's artwork.


£125 Includes Everything.

Recommended ages are 18mths to 3yr olds. Each child will have 2 canvases to use, I recommend one for prints of their hands and feet , maybe even their nose :)
and the other is whatever they want to do with. The choice is yours though.

you can take home your child's work of art straight away. Within in 2 days you will also recieve all the photos from this amazing fun messey photo sesison.

Paints, Easel's Brushes, and clean up wipes are all supplied.

Booking fee is £50 with the remainder due on the day.

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Is the paint safe for Children?

Absolutely, Artmix is possibly the most widely used painting medium in nursery and primary school classrooms. It is part of the Scolaquip Eco range, using natural thickeners and being wheat and gluten free. The paint is specifically formulated to wash off children's skin and most fabrics making it ideal for children's painting activities, even the youngest and messiest of children

How long will the session last?

You will have 45 minutes booked in the studio, though most children often work their magic within 30 mins.

Will this be messy?

Yes, count on this being very messy. Paint on their hands, legs, feet, and chest, often face too. This is all part of the fun, if it was not messy, it would not be fun.

What should my child wear?

Typically, most children just sit in underpants, or if still wearing a nappy then a pair of pants over the top.
You can bring them in a vest or t-shirt, but whatever you bring them in will get paint on them. Depending upon the material the paint may stain the clothing.

What is the minimum age?

This is a great treat for 18 months to 3yr olds, however, if your child is younger then they can still book in, though I recommend a minimum of 18 months old.

My child has another sibling of suitable age, can they join in?

Yes, of course, They can also join in and maybe help paint each other :)
Additional siblings are charged at £25 and can be added on in the booking form.

How many people can take part?

Only 2 children at a time during this session. If you have more than 2 children then they can take part after the first 2

Where will the session take place?

In the photo studio based at Rufford Abbey country park. NG22 9DF
Full direction and details on how to find the studio will be included in your confirmation email.

what facilities are available to clean up afterwards.

The paint will come easily with baby wipes, You will remain in the studio to clean down your child. Wipes will be made available for you.

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