The Farmhouse at Mackworth

Every now and then, you come across a wedding venue that you have never had the privilege of photographing before. Today was the day when I was commissioned by Richard & Abi to photograph their wedding at "The Farmhouse at Mackworth"

After a brief recce of the grounds, I was excited by the number of photo opportunities this stunningly located venue has to offer which takes advantage of the Derbyshire countryside. Of course, sometimes it is not just about the venue and location, with my years of visiting venues up and down the country I find it is everything else that makes the day so perfect. The staff was all incredibly friendly, polite, and helpful, something which is hard to come by these days. The maids cleaning the rooms couldn't do enough to make sure everything was right for you, The bar staff, waiters, and waitresses served quickly and with a smile, and the wedding planning team was awesome and on point with every detail. The food.. Some of the best food I have eaten for a long time, and at a wedding where everything is mass catered for, this did not feel like so., huge credit to the chefs and staff in the kitchens.

The venue is also blessed with a number of rooms for guests to stay overnight, The rooms are spacious and full of the little details that often go missing, who wouldn't like an Espresso coffee machine complete with pods in the room?, The bridal suite was beautiful, bathtub in the corner of the room, feature wall paneling, Vintage digital radio, an espresso machine and so much more detail than you just could not imagine in a typical overnight room.

Back to the wedding, due to an accident on one of the main roads, some of the guests were running late, the wedding team jumped into action and actually managed to push back the wedding just a little to allow time for everyone to arrive, it is easy to say with all of the above attention to detail, Richard and Abi had the most perfect and amazing wedding they could have wished for. My job was an easy one, I fell in love with this venue and it was all thanks to how it was run on the day, I have no doubts whatsoever that this was not a one-off and I will certainly be looking to come back here again. Thank you to everyone who helped make Richard and Abi's day so special and a huge congratulations to Richard and Abi.

I hope you enjoy this very small preview of some random images selected.