How to wear a buttonhole or Corsage

As a Nottingham wedding photographer who is quite often, on the morning of the wedding busy capturing them all important wedding preparations, these are questions that I get to hear all the time.

  • What side does the groom wear a buttonhole ?
  • How does the groom wear a buttonhole?
  • What side do you wear a corsage ?
  • How to wear a corsage ?

So to help prepare for that moment I shall try and answer all them questions. and give a little help along the way with some images and videos below to help.

What is the difference between a buttonhole and corsage? A buttonhole is a single stem flower whereas a corsage will contain 2 or more. 

Men’s buttonholes. Traditionally the Groom and groomsmen (ushers and page boys) along with fathers of the bride and groom will all wear a buttonhole. If budget allows then it is also a nice gesture from brothers and grandfathers to also wear a buttonhole. The buttonholes should match or compliment the flowers of the brides bouquet or the bridesmaids dresses, The groom may also decide to wear a corsage. The Groom’s buttonhole or corsage should be more fuller than the rest of the party, 

What side do men wear buttonholes? Men will wear there buttonhole on the left side. 

How do men wear a buttonhole? If wearing a jacket you may see a buttonhole on the left lapel. IT DOES NOT GO IN THERE.. at 70% of the weddings I am photographing, You can guarantee I will be practically redressing the men and putting on the buttonholes correctly. ( I don’t mind, it is all part of the John Price Photography Service. ) Your buttonhole is worn over that buttonhole on the lapel you see on the jacket not in it. The stem of the buttonhole is pointing down the front of the jacket with the head of the flower pointing upwards.

OK, so you now know all about the buttonhole, Let us move on to the ladies. 

Buttonhole or Corsage? The mothers of the bride and groom generally wear something a little more special. Like the groom, they may wear a buttonhole which is more fuller than the others. Some may prefer to wear a corsage (2 or more flowers) while the other ladies such as grandma and sisters may wear a single buttonhole. 

Which side do ladies wear buttonholes? Unlike the men, Ladies wear the buttonholes on the right hand side. Why? because they are always right.. The same principle for the men applies to the ladies. With a single flower buttonhole it is worn on the outside with the stem pointing downwards and the flower pointing up. 

How do I wear a Corsage? You can have various stiles of corsages, Some with a bracelet which is designed to have on your wrist, some can fasten onto your hat and even you bag. The most popular will affix to your clothing similar to the men. Always place the corsage on the right hand side. Your corsage should also be tilted upside down, so the stems will be pointing up and the flowers pointing down regardless where you decide to wear it. 

Top Tip. Ask your florist to supply magnets for your corsage and buttonholes.Sticking pins into your new jacket, blouse or dress will leave pin holes. With 2 magnets (1 already affixed to the flowers) you can place the flower on the outside and hold it in place with the other magnet on the inside of the garment. 

Let us have a look at the fuller picture. Here we have the men with buttonholes, the men are wearing them correctly on the left hand side and outside of the jacket showing the stem and flower. Both the mothers of the bride and groom is wearing a corsage on there right hand side. You will also notice they are pointing downwards.

Wedding party
Close up of wedding buttonholes